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No snag, no dent hair ties.

Luxury Pretties

Button Pretties Available NOW
An added touch of luxury to our Pretties. NEW Button Pretties in 3 finishes and 6 colour options for our Ultimate Luxury Ultra Pretties...

"Summer Swim" Pretties SALE!!

For a Limited Time "Summer Swim" Pretties are ONLY $4.00...
Made for the WATER! Our new Neoprene Pretties are available in packs of two and come in three different "weights." The dainty "Scuba" pack are the thinnest, and our "NeoPretties" are most like a wetsuit. All "Summer Swim" hair ties come in an optional THICK size for very thick hair.

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Blondes Packs are Back...


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Pretties Hair Ties are made from super soft elastic and won't snag or dent your hair.

"Pretties" are comfortable and look great worn in your hair and on your wrist. Our no snag hair ties are made with soft elastic and won't tangle or break hair like other hair bands, and they don't leave 'ponytail dents.' Change your hairstyle as often as you change the colour of your "Prettie."

Each "Prettie" is hand-tied and ends are sealed to prevent fraying. Available in loads of colours and headbands too! New colour collections coming soon. And shipping is only $1.00 for orders over $15.00 anywhere in Australia.

"Pretties" are perfect for kids; the soft elastic doesn't tangle in fine hair- no more tears or tangles. Your little ones will love "Mini Pretties" -the thinner elastic is perfect for baby fine hair.